Make your devices Smart

Tag your car, your keys, your backpack or any object with a simple ottomon QR code and now they can communicate.


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How ottomon works

Tag it — Scan it

Tag it

ottomon scanner

ottomon generates unique QR codes for any device you want to track. You can print it yourself or order a high quality sticker from us.

Scan it

ottomon scanner

ottomon can read our special QR code and ottomatically identify the owner of the scanned device.

other QR code readers work as well


Make your Car Smart

Tag your car with ottomon QR codes and get notified whenever:

  • Your car is blocking the way
  • You are about to get a ticket
  • You are about to get towed


Your ottomon QR Code tag

Tag your keys, backpack, bike, laptop, or any device you own. If they get lost, the moment they are found they will tell you exactly where they are.

ottomon objects

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Latest News

What happens when you don't pay your ticket

What happens when you don't pay your ticket

In Los Angeles, driving is a necessity. The average person has to drive at least 30 minutes to any destination. The 405 freeway is known throughout the entire country. No matter how many lanes they add, traffic catches up and jams the roads. With so many cars around, parking becomes a nightmare. And when parking is a nightmare, everyone snatches the first parking spot they see. The problem is it's not always obvious if you are allowed to park in a spot. Park in the wrong spot and it will set you back $68 to $163.

Keeping your information private

Keeping your information private

In an ideal world, we would all write our names, phone numbers, and addresses on any object we own. If they get lost or are in a situation where we need to be contacted, reaching us is as easy as reading the information on the item. But as the world gets more and more connected, privacy becomes a real concern.

Contact the owner of a car

Contact the owner of a car

Up until this point, if you wanted to contact someone about their car, the quickest way would be to leave a note on the car. This means the owner will only see the note when he gets back to the car. And even with that, you have to hope the note won't get blown away by the wind, or gets washed away by rain. More realistically, I often wanted to leave a note on a car and I did not have a pen or paper to do it. So how do you contact the owner of a car?