About Us

November 2017

What is ottomon?

ottomon is collection of apps and websites that allow you to tag any device so anyone that finds them can communicate with you.

What's with the name?

ottomon is not a Pokémon ®. It stemmed from automobile + monitoring.

How it came to be?

While going on my daily run, I noticed that there is always a vast amount of cars that have problems. Some have their lights left on, some where parked on the red zone, some where blocking the way, some where about to get a ticket.

For each of these cars there was absolutely no way to contact the owners. The goal of ottomon is to bridge the communication between any passer-by and the owner of the vehicle.

Turns out if you can contact the owner of a car, you can also contact the owner of any other device.

Who is it?

ottomon is made by humans hiding right here: humans.txt

Who is it for?

Anyone can use ottomon. Add anything you want to keep track of, such as your car, your car keys, your laptop, or any personal device. You can print a unique QR code from home or order high quality stickers from our website.