Contact the owner of a car

How to contact the owner?

Up until this point, if you wanted to contact someone about their car, the quickest way would be to leave a note on the car. This means the owner will only see the note when he gets back to the car. And even with that, you have to hope the note won't get blown away by the wind, or gets washed away by rain. More realistically, I often wanted to leave a note on a car and I did not have a pen or paper to do it. So how do you contact the owner of a car?

In the United States, car owners information are available at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). The only problem is there is no quick way to get the information. Rightly so. I wouldn't want the DMV to share this information without my consent. But if there were any issues with my car, such as it blocking the way, about to get a ticket, or involved in an accident, I would like to be made aware immediately.

Unless requested by the police, the DMV will provide information about the owner of a vehicle at a price and after 5 to 7 business days. This is not acceptable in an emergency.

Ideally, as an owner of a vehicle, I would like the possibility to be contacted without revealing any personal information such as my name, picture, or phone number. And when I contact the owner of a vehicle, I would like to communicate only the message I want to pass and not much else.


Ottomon is designed to do just that. Allow you to contact the owner of a vehicle instantly, while still retaining both parties privacy. By placing an ottomon tag (ottotag) on your car, anyone can contact you. If you double parked, if your car is about to get towed, if you are about to get a ticket, or if there are any concerns with your car, you can be contacted with ottomon.

An ottotag is a tag with a unique QR code that can be used to send you a notification when scanned. You can place them on any device you want to be contacted about, and on your car for this case.

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