Keeping your information private

Communicate privately

In an ideal world, we would all write our names, phone numbers, and addresses on any object we own. If they get lost or are in a situation where we need to be contacted, reaching us is as easy as reading the information on the item. But as the world gets more and more connected, privacy becomes a real concern.

The problem with making information public, is that there is no easy way to take it back. If you give someone your phone number or address there is no way to make them forget it. As we are learning with GDPR, it is much easier to record information on a server then to delete it. Companies would rather close their doors than try to be compliant. Deleting information is hard.

When you leave your name and phone number on your luggage, the last thing you want is for someone to use this information for any reason other than helping you retrieve the luggage. We want to be contacted, but we also want our personal information to remain private.

Ottomon was design with privacy in mind. When someone scans one of your devices, your personal information is not revealed. Instead, they get to see basic information about the device and they have the ability to contact you.

Basic information

Only shows basic information

For some items, to prevent spam we only allow the user to send pre-written messages:

Pre written messages

Only pre-composed messages can be sent.

Information exchange only happens after users have established communication. Meaning, they are free to chat and exchange more information on their own.

Our goal is to allow you to communicate instantly without having to compromise your privacy.

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