The silent launch


As a new service available to all through the web, ottomon is launching today. This is an effort to combat perfectititis. The common condition that stops many projects from seeing the light of the day, because they are not perfect yet.

As of today, ottomon is fully functional as a website. You can create tags, you can print them. You can scan them directly with the browser on your mobile device.

The web app requires GPS and the camera to work best. Though, the user has control over gps and can manually enter codes instead of scanning them.

This is a silent launch since I am not running an advertising campaign. The reason is there are still some technical decisions that are being made. So it is more in the alpha stages then anything.

Please email me any feedback at and I will be happy to improve this service.

Thank you

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Ibrahim Diallo

Ibrahim Diallo

I am the founder of ottomon and main developer. You can often find me musing on my personal blog