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ottomon is still in its alpha stages were a few select users are chosen to test the product. As it grows and becomes more useful to a larger crowd, more resources will be needed to run it.

Technology becomes cheaper over time. Since I have started, even my server costs were halved. But the most important resource here will be people. So I compiled the list of jobs that will need to be filled eventually. Since this is still in the early stages, one person may end up doing more then one job at a time. Or some jobs will be performed by more than one person.

List of jobs needed at ottomon


  • Application Architechture designer (Server Admin Linux)
  • Database Administrator
  • Android Developer
  • iOS developer
  • PHP developer
  • JavaScript Developer


  • Social Media Manager
  • Copy Writer
  • Advertising (all platforms)
  • Video Editor
  • Sales
  • Reach out ( & on boarding)


  • Product designer
  • UX Consultant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Scratchbooker? For printing and stickers

This page will be updated as the positions change.

About the author

Ibrahim Diallo

Ibrahim Diallo

I am the founder of ottomon and main developer. You can often find me musing on my personal blog