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When we looked around the web for other websites providing a similar service, we thought why follow the old model of telephones system on the web? When you tag a device of yours, you have to pay a monthly fee to allow people to contact you about it. It definitely make sense for the service provider since they all need to make a living. But it does not make much sense for the user. It's like saying "Pay or we won't tell you if someone finds your lost device."

In most parts of the world, you can have a phone with used up credits and still receive a call. You are only charged to make calls, receiving is free.

With ottomon, we try to follow the same example. Only on the web, making a web request is significantly less expensive then making a call. So sending a message to an ottomon user, or receiving a message is completely free.

Tag any device you own that you may accidentally lose, and if someone else finds it, they can contact you at no cost.

Try ottomon today for free.

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