What is ottomon?

Tag it! Scan it!

Ottomon is a smart object tagger. Tag any object with an ottotag and you allow it to communicate basic information.


Anyone with an ottomon account can communicate with the owner of any ottotagged object.

What is an ottotag?

An ottotag is a sticker generated by the ottomon application. The sticker contains a unique code in the form of QR that can be scanned using any QR code reader. But scanning it with the ottomon application allows you to then communicate with the owner of the device.

scan ottomon code or type it manually

Place an ottotag sticker on your car and you can now be contacted about your car. If your car is blocking the way, parked on the wrong street, about to get towed, you can be notified.

You can place ottotag on any object you can think off. Tag your keys, your laptop, your luggage, anything really.

ottomon is free

Yes, ottomon is free. You can join and print as many tags as you want at no cost. However ottomon does not run on ether, pun intended. You can order high quality ottotags directly from ottomon.

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Ibrahim Diallo

Ibrahim Diallo

I am the founder of ottomon and main developer. You can often find me musing on my personal blog